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Accounting, HR And Business Management

Who We Are

A team of experienced accounting professionals acting as true partners to our clients.

What We Do

Act as your outsourced CFO, providing practical, trusted advice and accounting services.

Who We Serve

Financial management firms of all sizes - no matter what stage of growth you're in, we've been there and can help.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"We recognize they have our best interests in mind in a way rarely seen in an outsourced solution..." --Brad Greiwe, Fifth Wall Ventures Management

"Their team members are knowledgeable, intelligent, and act as true partners..." --Brian Falahee, Whale Rock Capital

"The kind and helpful team upgraded and improved our accounting systems, researched employee benefit plans, and streamlined our banking and cash management..." --Sonya Dreizler Schinske, Protected Investors of America

"BridgeView not only manages the books, payroll and treasury but is also an extremely valued advisor to the partners of the new Investment Manager..." --John Detweiler, ParkLexington Advisors

"Best of all, this solution is a small fraction of the cost of an on-staff CFO..." --Jason S. Gerlach, Sunrise Capital Partners

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We'd love to speak with you to discuss how BridgeView CFO can be a solution for your company. We can tell you about how our accounting and HR services may add expertise, help you avoid mistakes and save you time.